We open the doors of the possible in dream scenarios.

Be adventurous...


Get the best panoramic landscape footage in the various dreamy scenarios in this seaside planted beautiful country.

Contemplate a vast landscape richness, from lush mountain fields to idyllic beaches.

Discover idyllic places and reserve your best memories in unforgettable landscapes.

Enjoy your visit in a climate like no other. Sunny summers and typically mild winters.

Everything for every purpose

From the famous Manueline and Gothic architectures to the natural Atlantic landscapes, Portugal is a country full of rich scenarios adapted to tourism and cultural purposes.


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Portugal… Everything's so clear.

Get the best panoramic landscape footage in the various dreamy scenarios in this seaside planted beautiful country.


Location scouting

In a vital process of the pre-production phase of film production and commercial photography, we’ll take care of location awareness.

Local manager provider

Don’t worry about what we could take care of…

Catering solutions

Accommodation services

Travel and Transport

Production Office Rentals

Security and Cleaning

How do we work

Meet with Client (director and Production designer) to know project and work to their
creative vision and their needs.

Find out through Regional Film Commissions aids and Incentives for each Project.

Scout, visit, identify and photograph locations.

Make preliminary enquiries regarding access, parking, and location use.

Research practical information and logistics involving potential locations, take care of
bookings and travel arrangements where appropriate.

Liaise with Client (key members of the production team) to assess visual and technical

Contract with location owners.

Organize permissions for access. – Dealing with all local permissions and licenses.

Ensure the technical specifications per equipment, power sources and crew
accommodation on site are met and other services needed.

Ensure compliance with health, safety and security requirements and undertake risk

Schedule crew arrival dates with timeline, distribute maps and directions to locations,
often known as movement orders, to ensure all services and crews reach the locations
as directly, safely, and quickly as possible.

Provide relevant support information to all services and client crew.

Manage the location and resolve practical or people-related problems as they arise.

Supervise location support staff throughout the process.

Deal with members of the public who may intrude upon a location.

Ensure the final clearing up (‘the wrap’).